Hope Elliott Memorial Scholarship 2017/2018 Recipients


Danielle Samuda

Sixth-former Danielle Samuda  has maintained an ‘A’ average and remains active in school. Additionally, she has not allowed her situation to rob her of dreams. Determination and drive continue to propel her forward regardless of her many obstacles. She is an aspiring neurologist and neurosurgeon as the neurological aspect of medicine is often neglected. Upon recently reading about the death of a child mascot from neuroblastoma and she asked, ‘What if I could one day help to fight it?’ Samuda felt she would prefer leaving the indelible mark of saving many lives than as the world’s wealthiest female due to her altruistic nature and her belief in stewardship.


Kalicia Munn

Fourth-former Kalicia Munn is a hard-working, well-mannered and effective leader. 

She continues to maintain an ‘A’ average despite her challenges. Having lost her mother at 12 years old due to cancer, she was left in the care of her grandmother and ill father. Though unemployed, her father was resolute that nothing would deter his daughter’s pursuit of success. He happily sacrifices medication funds, provided by his sister, to send Kalicia to school daily. This sacrifice is one she describes as heart-rending, however, it is the driver and motivation to pursue her studies with the greatest of effort and dedication. She is determined to overcome her challenges and refuses to be daunted by her circumstances.

Hope Elliott Memorial Scholarship 2015/2016 Recipients


Joyce Smith

Joyce White is a dedicated fifth form student who has maintained excellent academic performance during her tenure at school. Joyce lives at home in Hope Bay, Portland with her parents and a sister. Her father is the sole breadwinner. Due to lack of the provision of finances, Joyce is unable to attend classes regularly; nevertheless, Joyce always manages to be in the top five of her class each year. This year she was placed third.

Joyce will be sitting eight subjects at the CSEC level this academic year. The subjects are Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies, History, Biology, Information Technology, Principle of Business and Religious education. This scholarship will aid her greatly in attending school every day and subsequently allow her to be in a position to produce even better grades and be propelled towards becoming an asset to society.


Amealia Smith

Amealia Smith is a second form student who is involved in her school life. She is a member of the school's Cheerleading team and manages her time well as she holds the title of top student in her class. She lives in Spanish Town, St. Catherine with her mother, grandmother, two sisters and a brother. All her siblings are minors attending school. Her father died when she was five years old. Since then her mother, who is a vendor, finds it difficult to sustain her family adequately being the sole provider for the family of six. This scholarship will not only provide relief for Amealia’s but will aid her continued excellent academic and social performance.

Hope Elliott Memorial Scholarship Recipients
Danielle Samuda and Kalicia Munn

Amealia Smith and Joyce White

Shannon Blake and Cloanna Brown

Kimone Fortella and Roxanne Berry

Kia Smith and Hanijah Willis